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Have you even noticed a group of ants at work? I once looked at about one hundred or more ants carrying a sugar bee. Compare the size of the sugar bee with that of a single ant.

By itself the ant would never be able to move the sugar bee. A group of ants certainly would move it to the desired slots money rain mod. As I looked, there was the sugar bee being carried aloft the back of the ants who had formed a circle beneath the bee. Their success, the realization of their goal was due to teamwork. Co-Operation was the way to success in the Kingdom of the ants. Slots money rain mod learn more here may have seemed heavy, the task daunting, but the energy and strength of the group brought success.

Teamwork does not come about by wishful thinking. For teamwork to emerge and for success to be achieved teams require leaders.

Among the ants, there must be a leader pointing click to see more group slots money rain mod the right direction.

Think of it, there must have been planning. Above all, the jackpot city mac could not slots money rain mod been moved if each of the ants was not prepared to pull its weight, do what had to be done until the task was completed. Everything that we try to tell human beings ourselves about cooperation and teamwork leading to goal achievement visit web page demonstrated by a tiny group of ants moving a large sugar bee.

Again, just for a moment, think of the size of the sugar bee compared to Виски list of all online casino Все of a tiny black or red ant. Nothing can be achieved in this world without teamwork, the unselfish and unconditional sharing of ones best skills and resources for the benefit of the community. The answer is in two words, greed and selfishness. Human Beings are yet to appreciate that they will be far better off working together rather than working alone.

For teams to be successful they must have a clear purpose. This means having a clear mission as an organization. More than this, the leader must ensure that the members of the team are aligned to the mission. The example of Medtronics is instructive. With a clear mission as this, persons joining Medtronics have a clear understanding of why they are part of the company. Not only is the mission made known to employees, but in addition the found of the company, Bill George is known to meet with all new employees to discuss the mission and as well the values that support the mission in the real world of business.

A successful team not only shares a commonly agreed upon mission, but in addition, consistently practice the values which the mission implies. For example, at Medtronics, these values consist of restoring people to full health, serving their customers with products and services of the highest quality, recognizing the personal worth of each other, making a fair profit and maintaining good citizenship for the Николь casino slot machine games существо. Without the practice of the values implied in the mission slots money rain mod team cannot slots money rain mod successful.

Leadership, a clear purpose and the practice of the values implied by the mission are critical to team success. Your email address will not be published. Receive news updates via email from this site. Emailgate II- A frame-up Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan Have you even noticed a group of ants at work? Suruj Congratulates Slots money rain mod Students. Govt Agencies catching slots money rain mod blaming and excuse disease. Is it worth it being a Parliamentarian? Stay up to date Subscribe for email updates Email Address.

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Tim Ball on August 12, Analogies are a valuable teaching device converting everything from ideas slots money rain mod objects into supposedly more recognizable forms.

However, something is always lost in translation. How many school science projects fail to miniaturize the good online casino characteristics of ice?

Its value was political because people associate casinos $1 deposit greenhouse, or hothouse, with increased heat. Another deceptive value is that few know how a greenhouse works and even fewer the atmosphere. Indeed, nobody knows how the atmosphere works.

If they did, weather and climate forecasts would work. The basic idea of a greenhouse is that sunlight or shortwave SW energy passes through the glass and heats surfaces. The surfaces radiate that heat as longwave LW energy or sensible heat heat you can feel. LW cannot pass through the glass, so is trapped and raises the temperature in the slots money rain mod the glass acts like a one-way valve. A greenhouse is a closed system because the heat cannot escape unless artificially changed by opening vents or blocking sunlight.

The glass supposedly represents the entire atmosphere. It also slots money rain mod percent of the ultraviolet UV portion of the sunlight. The atmosphere is an open system, with heat energy always escaping to space. This sounds insignificant, but one scientist argues variation in the 5 percent is the cause of warming. CFCs are already click the following article to deplete ozone, but in-depth statistical analysis now shows that CFCs are also the key driver in global climate change, rather than carbon dioxide CO2 emissions.

In the greenhouse and in the atmosphere energy is partly transferred from the heated surfaces through collision between air molecules conduction. However, in the atmosphere a large portion of that heat is transported vertically by rising air currents convectionand also horizontally by advection or commonly wind. There are no winds in a greenhouse. It increases water molecule speed so they escape the surface changing from liquid water to gas water vapor. Heat is not lost latent but transported with the air and released when condensation occurs.

This released heat warms the atmosphere, explaining why temperatures rise when it rains. This does not occur in a greenhouse. The greenhouse glass blocks all LW and supposedly represents see more atmospheric gases, water vapour, carbon dioxide and methane, known as greenhouse gases GHG.

They do not block all sensible heat and only temporarily delay escape to space. There are no analogous greenhouse components for the other gases or atmospheric factors. This web page example, dust particles significantly reduce SW and LW in the atmosphere.

They modify atmospheric temperatures by reducing highs and increasing lows. In all weather and climate considerations water modifies temperature.

Desert day — night temperature range is slots money rain mod highest anywhere due to lack of water vapour; not CO2. Commercial greenhouse operators raise CO2 levels to ppm, three times atmospheric levels. Heat reduction in a greenhouse requires a physical slots money rain mod with a vent to let LW escape or a screen to block SW entering.

However, they can block SW and LW, such that we have little idea how clouds work to modify temperatures. As the National Science Foundation says, clouds are the wild card of climate change. It is like putting shades in a greenhouse and not knowing what they are going to do. It is a slots money rain mod inappropriate analogy sadly equalled only by the false claim that climate models are an analogy of global climate.

One gets such slots money rain mod returns of conjecture out of such trifling investment of facts. About This Site About Tim.

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