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Are online blackjack hileleri tax deductible? Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

What was the motivation behind forming the KiMe Fund? The Founder has experienced PD in his own family, including his own diagnosis on January 28, Recognizing a realistic opportunity to be online blackjack hileleri part of curing PD is an opportunity he could not resist.

The Founder has provided the Vision and organized the resources to establish and sustain online blackjack hileleri Fund. The Continue reading and the Board Members have their respective careers and are dedicated to serving those interests. The KiMe structure allows them to online blackjack hileleri their unique talents on a part-time basis.

KiMe is the Founders shorthand for his daughters, Kim and Megan. It is symbolic of the drive to cure neurological disorders, including PD, before the next generation of children everywhere are diagnosed. How do you decide on which organization will receive the donations? Funds will be distributed to reputable organizations with reasonable administrative expenses focused on finding a cure.

How much of the money donated actually goes to a finding a cure? The organization that receives the donation from KiMe Fund may have their own Administrative Expenses. Can I track where funds are being applied? The Semi-Annual Newsletter will publish this information. In addition, the Fund can be contacted at anytime and this information will be provided.

Is there a cure for PD? No, not at this time. But, with here support, we believe that a cure is within reach. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How can I make a donation? You online blackjack hileleri make a check payable to:

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